Sunday, 28 May 2017

Child Safety Week What Are You Doing?

So what have I learnt in the 4 and a half years since I became a parent.....?  My little one seems to get clumsier with every passing minute.  She has trip after fall after blood spillage with no sign of it abating.  When she was immobile she was pretty unscathed but then she started to move.....


    Hair Straighteners
    pills and tablets

  • Accidents in the home remain the biggest risk to the under 5s, in fact they are the leading cause of death in boys under the age of 4  according to the Child Accident Prevention Trust
  • 1 in 10 parents of children under 5 admitted that their children had sustained a serious burn from hair straighteners or tong
  • Suspected poisoning is one of the most common causes of attendance to Accident and Emergency and while childproof lids might slow them down some 3 - 4 year olds can open them in seconds
  • 95% of all burns and scalds happen in the home.
  • Every day around 40 under 5s are rushed to hospital following choking

  • Well that was a cheerful little whistlestop tour through some gruesome facts.....but it just highlights how we need to be so mindful of childrens' safety in everything they do.  Things can change in the blink of an eye and not everything is preventable.  All we can do is be mindful of what we are doing when our children are around

    Child Safety Week 

    The Child Accident Prevention Trust is instrumental in spreading the word on safety offering free advice and tips to parents and professionals on how to keep little people safe.  The offer training as well as resources and publications. 

    This year it is taking place from 5th - 11th June.  The subject is "Safe Children, sharing is caring"

    Why not visit their website for further information and tips

    The focus is on asking people what they do to keep children safe.....what do you do?

    Here at safety first I try to educate parents on keeping their babies and children safe as well as teaching childminders and nannies on how to provide first aid in their work place.  I am trying to get first aid into schools and after school clubs for 4 to 11 yesr olds.  Flat Stan is an amazing resource developed by Simon Ferris.  It enables children to get hands on and reminds them how to call for help etc....thus empowering them to help out in an emergency.  Flat Stan First Aid now have resources for EarlyYears Settings which I can advise you on further

    If you would like some hands on training why not drop me a line at

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